ASTER is a Systems Engineering Company specialized in the field of the Global Security Technologies and the Smart Cities.

ASTER designs integrated systems and ICT vertical solutions for the Transports and the Intelligent Mobility Solutions (ITS), the energetic efficiency, the environment and infrastructure monitoring, the safety of the territory and the citizens, the government and the smart management of water networks, electric and telecommunication networks. 

ASTER is able to support Public Administrations, Infrastructures Managers, Dealers and General Contractors and their engineering companies, in the development phases of the Smart Cities, starting from the marketing and feasibility studies to the control and the technical supervision. ASTER acts as a strategic consultant for the Smart Specialization, a system designer , and a technology supervisor , or integrates custom or commercial ICT Solutions. 

  • Technological Audit of existing infrastructures and definition of evolution guidelines through SMART water supply networks
  • Network, services and process modeling
  • Planning and implementation of control network
  • Planning and implementation of communication networks
  • Planning and implementation of safety and monitoring systems
  • Planning and implementation of structural monitoring systems
  • Planning and implementation of the control and monitoring operative center
  • Supply of innovative application software of decision support for management operators
  • IT solutions supply and vertical GIS products