Staff Qualifications

Human resources are the main and most important elements in determining ASTER value. The continuous development strategy of our staff skills and professionalism, along with partnerships with the academic and industrial world, and the access to the international network of ASSYSTEM Group, allow us to provide our customers with updated qualifications that comply with the highest professional and technical standards.
System Engineers
System Engineers specialized in the design, specification and validation of command and control systems, communications, data acquisition and processing, monitoring, surveillance and automation, with specific expertise in value engineering methods, complex systems formal modelling, large systems performance simulation and optimization
Software Engineers
Engineers specialized in the life cycle software engineering, preparation of the specifications for the software requirements, plans and procedures for the software validation, software integration and management of safety-critical software systems configuration, on platforms real-time and on all major operating systems
Plant Engineers
Engineers specialized in the design, analysis and supervision of technological systems construction, with specific regard to telecommunications systems, security, monitoring, centralized technical management, automation, data acquisition and management, control process, environmental and structural monitoring, for industrial facilities, laboratories, transport infrastructure (ports, airports, railways)
Site Engineers
Engineers specialized in the supervision of construction activities, with specific experience in the control of the construction processes, installation and integration of technological systems and large systems, monitoring, surveillance and communications distributed in the territory
R & D Engineers
Researchers and Engineers specialized in supporting the design of industrial research and pre-competitive programs in sectors of their related skills
Radar & Remote Sensing Specialists
Specialists of systems analysis and radar systems design and signal, radar data collected and wire processing, with specific expertise in the context of coherent multi-function radar, MTI radar, beam forming 3D radar, passive radar, airborne and avionics radar, SAR and ISAR radar, active radar antennas, radar for subsurface and volume scanning
VTMIS Specialists
Specialist of VTS and VTMIS systems analysis and design and maritime traffic systems monitoring in accordance with the international IMO / IALA standards
EM & Communications Specialists
Specialists in electromagnetic analysis and studies, design and antennas localization from HF to millimetres wave, electromagnetic simulations on real-world and simulated scenarios, measures service tests and electromagnetic anechoic chamber tests, studies of electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference, propagation analysis, coverage and electromagnetic visibility in urban and non urban areas, radio networks design, electromagnetic safety analysis for humans and for the unintentional releases containment
Business Development & Project Management Specialists
Business Consultants, specialized in the management of supporting industrial projects and in the business development level in the fields of expertise on the international level
Marketing Specialists
Marketing consultants specialized in market research, strategic marketing plans and of product preparations plans and cost-benefit analysis for the evaluation of the investment and industrial initiatives in the field of expertise