Mission & Key Values


“Our Mission is to support clients
in developing large scale technological projects
 by providing an high quality independent engineering consulting service,
based on the skills, excellence and experience of our team of professionals,
in accordance with the highest technical and professional standards


Our Vision, at the base of the management buy-out project and in line with our professional history, is: 

…to pursue the creation of an independent brand of Consulting and Innovation that is recognized nationally and internationally as a preferred point of reference to define major engineering projects, based on the models of other big international systems engineering consulting firms, supported by the professional experience of our management team and constantly guided by four key values: 

“Customer Proximity” 
we believe in creating long-term business relationships based on the ability of analyzing and anticipating the systemic and technological trends of our customers' market, and therefore customizing the services and products to create customers loyalty also on the basis of accreditation with the relevant stakeholders

“Excellence in skills”
we believe in our ability to support our customers' large scale projects, maintaining the focus on the skills in the systemic and technological domains rather than on low-level general engineering, as well as on developing such skills through a constant combination of industrial, institutional and R&D projects

“Investment in human capital”
we believe in continuously promoting the skills of our employees as a key assets that gives ASTER value, through the direct involvement of the Management Team in managing projects, customers and resources, focusing on the growth of our staff and the promotion of self-financed and co-financed Internal development projects

“Respect for environmental and social aspect”
we believe in giving attention to the social and environmental impact of new technologies and infrastructures that we work with in the design or supervising phases of projects, that we believe is the real driving force of our competitive offers