Defence & Homeland Security

The deep transformation of the global defence scenario and the continuous threats to the World security have greatly influenced the evolution of defence and security technologies over the last decade, in support to the implementation of new operational concepts such as the global defence, internal security, critical infrastructure protection and cyber security, thereby determining operational requirements for increasingly integrated systems, geographically distributed, interoperable and net-centric, able to compile complex tactical scenarios (awareness), to support resources operational planning (preparedness) and to allow efficient and timely deployment of resources for critical events (intervention). The members of the ASTER management team possess an extensive experience in such defence and security field, that goes back to the early 2000s, with significant roles played in supporting the national industry in many of the main international development programs and modernization of the Naval Weapon land Systems for the point and area Defence (SPADA, SAAM-IT, SAMP / T, PAAMS, Horizon, FREMM, etc..) and its sensors, communications equipment and command and control systems as well as decision support. Moreover, as a former ASSYSTEM subsidiary, ASTER has acquired a strong position as a specialist engineering partner of industries and institutions engaged in the development of the main systems for the National and International Security. Our customers in this sector are the industries and the competent authorities or agencies in the following fields:

• Defence Electronics
• Net centric warfare
• Telecommunications and Remote Sensing
• Border and Maritime Security
• Critical Infrastructure Protection
• Civil Protection
• Computer and Cyber Security
MBDA Italia
 European Commission
ABC Napoli






International Project Management Consultancy 
Feasibility Studies, Design & Owner Engineering
Works Supervision and Control of projects for the implementation of technological infrastructures

• Sales Engineering Support & Value Engineering
System Engineering Support
Requirements Engineering
System & Software Life Cycle Support & Outsourced Maintenance


Command, Control, Comunication, Computing & Intelligence Systems (C4I)
Telecommunication Systems & Antennas
Radar & Remote Sensing Systems

Coastal Surveillance Systems


Port & Airport Plants
Communications Networks & Infrastructures