Systems Engineering Consulting

ASTER has built an innovative portfolio of Systems Engineering ISO15288 services, including specialist engineering support in the customer technological domains, analysis, modelling and management tools, as well as training courses necessary to guarantee the full implementation of systems engineering processes in accordance with the highest international standards.
As a consequence, the proposed services are highly scalable and replicable, and Customers can gather effective «packages» including consulting services, tool chains and training courses, specifically tailored on their domain of interest (e.g.. C4I, Railways, Security, Space systems, Smart Cities, etc.)

Prodotti e Servizi di Systems Engineering


  • Requirement Engineering
    • Architecture Frameworks
    • Business Process Modeling (BPMN)
    • Use Case Development
    • System Concepts
  • Systems architecture
    • Model Based System Engineering
    • Formal System Modeling (SysML)
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Development and Modeling of Formal SW
    • Development of Algorithms, Development and Validation
    • Modeling & Simulation
    • Qualifications and Testing
    • On-site support for integration, validation and qualification activities
  • Life cycle engineering
    • Tools Development for Integration and Testing (HIL, Simulators, GSE, etc.)
    • RAMS and ILS analysis
  • Owner engineering
    • Support for Plant Engineering and network operators / owners for:
    • Planning / updating / technological renewal of plants and infrastructures
    • Centralized Technical Management
    • Updating of plant and network infrastructure security
    • Protection against intentional threats (security e cyber security)
    • Implementation of technologies for industrial automation
  • Technologies & innovation consulting
    • Engineering of innovative monitoring systems and technologies
    • Environmental and Structural Monitoring Systems
    • Data processing algorithms and Decision Support Systems
    • Marketing plans and industrial exploitation of innovative products
    • Support for internationalization and Know-How transfer programs
  • Studies and Consulting
    • Market studies, analysis of sectoral policies
    • Master plan and planning of port and airport infrastructures
    • Preparation of technical specifications for technological systems and systems
    • Support to Management, Supervision and Control of Works
    • Supervision of implementation work & commissioning
    • Lifecycle support of safety-critical systems
  • Training in systems engineering
    • Course BPMN, SysML & MBSE
    • Course Frameworks Architetturale
    • Certification Preparation INCOSE SEP


Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

    • Aster services cover the whole life cycle of complex systems, from Stakeholders analysis to deployment
    • Aster adopts in full the Model Based approach (MBSE) for the analysis of Business processes, Systems and Software





Systems Engineering Academy

  • Aster is the first Italian company achieving the INCOSE SEP Certification
  • ASTER provides SE Training Courses through CSEP certified Instructors





SE Toolchains Procurement and Configuration


  • Aster is an IBM Business Partner for the supply of Watson IoT tool-chain-based solutions:
    • DOORS
  • Aster is a Business Partner of TRC (The Reuse Company) for the supply of solutions for the quality management of requirements and Knowledge Management


Aster is a Business Partner of PHOENIX Intergration for the connection through the MBSE Pak module, of models of system architectures with analytical simulation models, allowing the Engineers to:

  • Analyze the performance of the modeled system through modeling and simulation
  • EPerform analysis of compliance with the requirements
  • Perform trade-off and optimization studies