SonicEYE ™ is an innovative, mobile and passive volumetric surveillance device based on acoustic array technology.

  • Innovative
    Automatic real-time acoustic detection of threats in presence of high background noises.
  • Effective
    Real-time listening with audio equalization of sources of interest.
  • Passive
    No radiation in respect of citizen health and safety, reducing operations and maintenance costs.
  • Flexible
    Modular architecture for a fast integration with
    Control Rooms and other surveillance systems.
  • Portable
    wi-fi connection, reduced size and weight for a fast
    installation on indoor and outdoor urban elements.


  • Urban Area Protection Detection, localisation and tracking of blasts, gunfire, crashes and explosions in crowded area.
  • Anti-terrorism Situational Awareness in public places (squares, ports, stations, airports, malls, stadiums)
  • Tactical Intelligence Indoor & Outdoor selective remote listening with real time filtering optimization
  • Forensics Permanent acoustic crime scene recording and adaptive off-line reprocessing
  • First Response Selective remote detection and localisation of survivors in disasters aftermath, etc.