Training Services

Aster offers Systems Engineering courses with the aim to promote the methodologies, the standards and the relevant tools in support of the entire complex systems life cycles, starting from the phase of the definition of user needs and system functionality ending with the phase of systems planning and validation.
The courses and their contents distinguish themselves depending on the student’s preparation and experience level. The courses for the basic users are one-day courses and they focus on the presentation of the Systems Engineering technical processes and on basic concepts of the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Systems Architecture and Systems Design. The courses for advanced users are two – days courses and are focused on systems analysis, definition and development, focusing the students’ attention upon application domains (operative, functional, physical and requirements’) and systems architecture development in SysML.
With the goal to ensure the best involvement, both including the basic course and the advanced one, there are some theoretical sessions alternate to practical sessions during which use cases are discussed about application domains that are coherent with the students’ professional profile.
Moreover, since 2015 Aster, the first one and only one company in Italy, supplies preparation courses for the INCOSE certification. The course deals with Handbook INCOSE v.3.2.2 2011 and includes the support to the preparation of qualification dossier for the employees with a working experience in line with to what is required from the level of CSEP INCOSE certification.
Furthermore, Aster is engaged as industrial partner in the main II level University Masters in Systems Engineering provided by Roma “Tor Vergata” University and by DLTM (Systems Engineering for Maritime technologies).
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