Achieving adequate operational ability for maritime and port traffic monitoring through a radar systems networks, radio and automatic identification systems linked to computer systems and electronic charts automatic tracking (Vessel Traffic Management & Information Systems VTMIS) has become the prerequisite for the governments of coastal states, just like the air traffic control and management, which is also constantly evolving to meet increased traffic volumes, new security requirements and environmental protection measures. Since 2009, ASTER has worked on maritime traffic control (as a former subsidiary of ASSYSTEM Group), supporting the Maritime Authorities, internationally as well, in defining their requirements to implement the VTMIS operational systems, and supporting the National industry for the VTMIS development products and systems in line with European and international standards. The members of the Management Team have also acquired specific experience in systems design for maritime traffic control, as they have participated since 2005 in various R&D programs on the issue of maritime security along with the Italian Coast Guard, as well as VTMIS systems feasibility studies within programs for Development Cooperation (Croatia, Yemen, Tunisia). In 2009 moreover, the Algerian Ministry of Transport assigned the Algerian VTMIS system program work supervision  that is expected to start in early 2011 to ASTER.

The port and inter-port logistics automation is one of the key factors in supporting the effective, fast, safe and simplified information flow along the transport supply chain, and also in improving the integration of the maritime transport with the other methods of transport. ASTER has been active since 2009 in port and intermodal logistics and especially in the information and communication technology for transport, and has established relationships with many Port Authorities and Coast Guards, with the relevant associations ( e.g. the National Association of Maritime Horns) and with the Italian Ports Association (ASSOPORTI), which are the most important port authorities on a national level. In particular, in 2010, ASTER (under the name of Assystem Italia) carried out a study for ASSOPORTI aimed at analyzing the state-of-the-art of infotelematic platforms operating at the main Italian ports, so as to establish a single model of service for the information exchange within the port community and the shipment chain. The results of this study will constitute the basis of the plan for the development of Community infotelematic systems at national level, and of the resulting structural investment plans of the Port Authorities.

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