The results of the activities carried out in 2012 by the AIIC (Italian Association of experts in Critical Infrastructures) Working Groups were presented on January 30th , 2013, at the University of “Roma Tre” – Department of Engineering. The works were related to the analysis of the operational, legal and regulatory key aspects pertaining to the protection of Critical Infrastructures, raised from the AIIC 2011 Report "European Critical Infrastructures: Operator Security Plan, Operational Guidelines Proposal". At the Event were invited various Critical Infrastructures key players, ranging from the main Operators to the engineering solutions Suppliers. 

Aster’s Engineering Manager L. Tirone presented the results of the Working Group "Operator Security Plan – Data Model", which has led to the definition of a Data Model to support the risk analysis activities for the protection of Critical Infrastructures. The model developed is independent from any specific implementing language and from any vertical domain, and it allows the sharing of a formal characterization of the main entities involved in the Critical Infrastructures security processes (systems and components, threats, vulnerabilities and impacts, perimeters of intervention and countermeasures, …). Aster has contributed to the activity of the Working Group with her expertise and experience acquired in the Model Based Systems Engineering domain, promoting and supporting the application of the Systems Engineering principles, both on the methodological side (system vision, special care for the consolidation of the glossary of terms and for the definition of the business processes), and on the application side (formal description of the entities and their interrelations using the SysML language). The Study developed can be considered as a first step towards the achievement of "Security by Design", by bringing the key aspects of Risk Assessment and Security Analysis directly in the early stages of System Design.
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