Conceived in 2009, in response to the European Union FP7 SPACE Work Programme, the Dolphin Research Project (Development of pre-operational service for highly innovative maritime surveillance capabilities) will officially start on 1 June this year. The project involves 20 European players, including excellence in space industries (e-GEOS, a subsidiary of Telespazio, plays the role of coordinator, the French CLS, the UK's Qinetiq, the Norwegian KSAT, Thales Alenia Space Italia / France and others) and Research (DLR, the German organization is leading a group that includes the Dutch TNO, the Norwegian FFI, the University Federico II of Naples and La Sapienza University in Rome, etc…)
The aim of the project is to develop Decision Support Modules (DSM), integrating relevant ground based and satellite data according to innovative methodologies optimised to provide a concrete, measurable and effective added value for decision makers, in particular with regard to the Border Surveillance, safety of navigation and control of fisheries sectors. Once implemented, the DSMs will be tested on operational scenarios,  within operational near real time service chains.
Thanks to the deep technological and engineering expertise in the safety of navigation and maritime surveillance sector, and based on the good relations in place with the reference stakeholders, ASTER will contribute actively to the DOLPHIN project in the definition of operational scenarios, and  the engineering and validation of the DSMs, driving ultimately the impact evaluation of the overall project results.
The first progress update is expected in November this year after the first Project Review in Lisbon